Sunday, March 30, 2008


JEJEJE...well in english class i did another survey about wich character of friends would be me!!! so in the results i got rachel and i can say that its true she and i are very similar and both of us love be in fashion and we're crazy about in this case i agree with my result


I desagree with this results because i'm dont have anything in common with Jimmy Newtron...the only thing that jimmy and i have in common will be the intelligence...what do you thing about it? do you agree with your results let me know please...jejeje...bye

Monday, March 24, 2008


this is the top ten of my favorites movies ever... i hope you agree with me!!! or if you don't know any of this films you can see them and tell me what do you think....a lot of this movies are romantic, but who cares i love this pictures because there are amaizing....


FUN: Although your commitment to learn to dance will demand concentration, dedication and time, you will be constantly surrounded by artistic, cheerful people who will make your instruction at Fred Astaire Dance Studios a most pleasurable and rewarding experience.

FRIENDSHIPS: Beyond instruction, dance opens a wide spectrum of social settings in which friendships are forged and dreams come true. Scheduled Fred Astaire Dance Studio practice dance parties, local, regional and national competitions and fun nights out on the town provide dancers with a full social calendar.

CONFIDENCE: Dancers possess an aura of self-confidence and an ability to enjoy themselves more in public settings. Their entire mental outlook takes on a renewed sense of creativity, motivation and energy.

CREATIVITY: Dance provides an emotional outlet in which a person can truly reflect his or her feelings through body movement. The ability to dance is present in everyone, it only needs to be cultivated through sound instruction methods. Then you're on your own, expressing yourself with passion and flair.

HEALTH: Dancing helps the body's circulatory system as it makes your heart pump blood faster. Dancing encourages weight control and overall fitness through calorie burn off. The constant movement and muscle extension during dance sessions also provides a pleasing, mild exercise most people long for but rarely achieve, especially in such pleasant circumstances.

Let Fred Astaire Dance Studios be your partner as you take pride in the accomplishment of learning to dance. Become a part of our world, and relish the pageantry, fun and glamour of social dance.

Dance can become more than your hobby, it will provide you with a new lifestyle filled with excitement and friendships. Don't put it off for a single moment more...share in the Magic of Social Dance at your Fred Astaire Dance Studio.

enjoy the trailer of pride & prejudice...


HI! everyone here is my video...i hope you can see it and tell me your opinions about the movie, if you see it or not and of course about it important to you? do you agree with me? let me know... bye:D